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How sewing lessons began

In the summer of 2021, I volunteered to teach my daughter's Daisy Girl Scout troop to sew. We decided on making pillows. Seven girls showed up (including two little sisters who were 4). The girls (and one of the troop leaders) got to select their fabric, cut it to the correct size, and sew it up.

The pride I saw on their faces realizing they made something all by themselves was priceless. The only part that was not completed by the girls was sewing up the opening in which they stuffed it. I did this while they were celebrating with Pizza. 

Picture showing girls with their completed pillows

Soon word spread that I not only can sew, but I can teach. I have realized through these lessons I love to teach. The nervousness that surrounds the student is quickly displaced by the pride knowing they made something. 

My goal for each sewing lesson is for the student to do all or almost all of the sewing. This is still the same if the student is 7 or 77. I am here to walk you through the steps and guide you. I will show you tips and tricks I have picked up during my 30+ years of sewing. (For those that are doing the math, I learned to sew sitting on my mom's lap as a child and went through my fair share of her fabric). 

Each lesson you will walk away with something YOU created. Yes, some projects will require more than one lesson, but those are discussed before. 

Sewing lesson projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? Will you come to my house?

My studio is in Crownsville, Maryland about a 15 minute drive from Annapolis. I offer lessons in my home studio, usually on the weekends. I prefer to have the lessons at my home studio where I have access to a large cutting table, various machines, and accessories.

If there is an issue with you traveling to me, please email us and we will discuss options. 



I don't even own a machine, how can you teach me? 

No need! I have 4 sewing machines (2 regular sewing machines, 1 Serger, and 1 CoverStitch). You are welcome to use mine. In fact, I would rather you use mine and find out if you enjoy sewing before you spend the money on a machine. 

If you decide you love sewing and want to invest in a machine, I can help you compare machines and help you make a decision. 


My machine is still in the box or I have never used it. Should I bring it? 

Yes!!! Don't be ashamed! I will happily help you break out the machine. I will go over all the features of the machine and make videos on how to thread your machine. No need to go off on a YouTube search. 


I want to learn with my friend, daughter, etc. Can you teach us together? 

Of course! I do ask that no more than 3 students in one class. That is most I can accommodate in my home studio. Depending on the project, the lesson might go over the 2-hour lesson. This will be discussed prior to the lesson. 

Mother/Daughter Sewing

I do offer group lessons for Girl Scouts and other groups. For this type of lesson, I will come to where you meet. I do ask if any student has a machine, please bring it. This will speed up the time it will take. 

Girl Scout Juniors made reversible tote bags in their sewing lesson


Do I have to bring anything? I don't know what fabric to buy. 

I might have an addition to buying fabric and have an entire wall of fabric. You can "shop" my inventory. The only time this is not an option is for a bigger project (lounge pants, dress, etc). I do not have the quantity on hand for accommodate larger projects. This will be discussed prior to the lesson and I will provide you with a shopping list of everything you need. 


What can we make?

This depends on your experience. The first project for beginner sewers I recommend is a tote bag. This can be a simple reversible tote or a more complicated bag with slip or zipper pockets. We can also make aprons, lounge pants, dresses, skirts, pillows, and more. 

If you have a project in mind, let me know! 


I already had my lesson. I am stuck with my project/machine at home. Help!

Reach out!! I am happy to troubleshoot over the phone, via chat or email. I would rather you be happy and sewing than being frustrated and quit. 


I want to learn! How can I book a lesson?

You can leave a comment below, email us, or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.


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  • Hello! I’m the one who posted in the mommy group about making the sports blanket for my daughter. Would love to get started and interested in your availability and fee? I’m fee this coming weekend but I know it’s 4th of July weekend so can get started the following weekend too.

    I have lots of questions on how many shirts (thinking full or queen size) and the fabric I should buy for the other side…would love something soft she’ll like. I have my sewing machine I’d love to bring too!

    Sorry for so many questions….I’m just so excited and loved how many Mom’s referred you…and you are close by!

    Thanks in advance!

    Jennette Foreman on

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