The Mourning Project

I am participating in The Mourning Project by sewing 100 pairs of booties. Along with others across the county, 23,000 pairs of booties will be sewn. This is to honor the 23,00 American infants lost before their 1st birthday.

Gathered together, these small booties will create a compelling display 38' by 38' showing a heart with baby feet inside (see the image below).

For each pair of booties I sew, a card can be attached with the name of a infant that passed before their first birthday (including stillborns).

There is NO charge for this. Sewing has helped me through my darkest hours and this project is near to my heart. I am truly honored to participate.


 If you would like to honor an infant, please fill out the form below and a card will be attached to the pair of booties.